Fort Proctor is a crumbling ruin of a 19th century fort just north of Bayou Yscloskey. About an hour drive from New Orleans, it is accessible through the popular fishing destination, Shell Beach. You'll need a canoe or a kayak for a 20 minute paddle across the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MR. GO)

Photos of Fort Proctor

The fort near New Orleans is slowly being engulfed by Lake Borgne. We were fortunate that day - the water was low enough to get inside and have a look around. We spoke to a few people on our way out that had come to visit quite a few times and weren't so lucky. Fort Proctor was a Civil War era fort build to protect the waterways near New Orleans. Surprisingly, the fort was never used. Shortly after the construction was complete, Fort Proctor was damaged by a hurricane and was never repaired before the eruption of the Civil War. 

Fort Proctor, also known as Beauregard's Castle, is just a short day trip from New Orleans and well worth a visit. Learn more about Fort Proctor and its history. See below for more photos along the way through St. Bernard Parish. 

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